Kenzie LeightPatient Care Coordinator

Hi! My name is Kenzie! I am the Patient Care Coordinator at Countryside Integrative Health. I am currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration. I have two fur kids Lucy and Gracie who are my whole world!


How did you get into Health and Wellness?

I began working as an STNA in high school and have always loved the interaction and connection I had with the patients. I enjoy spending my time making a difference in other people’s lives. As well as watching them overcome health hurdles and being a part of their healthcare journey. 

How long have you been in Health and Wellness?

5 years

Who influenced your career path (who have you enjoyed learning from, mentor, etc.)?

Throughout choosing a career path the options were endless. But my heart has always been in healthcare. I was exposed to hospitals and the healthcare community at a very young age due to having a sick family member. Between watching the staff in hospitals and at home nurses work with my loved one, I realized the true importance healthcare workers have and the positive effects they have on people’s lives. Now that I’ve been in the healthcare field for over 5 years, I couldn’t imagine working in any other field. 

What makes you love your field?

I love my field because of the patients! Not only do you make a difference in people’s lives, you get to be a part of their healthcare journey. I also get to contribute to creating a healthier, happier world. 


What kind of patients do you love working with?

I love working with patients who stay dedicated and work hard to get the best results possible.

What sets you apart from other professionals?

My compassion and dedication to the patients. I love going above and beyond for patients and making sure they see the best results possible.  

What’s your mission?

To make a difference and improve the quality of life of as many people as possible.


What brings you joy?

Seeing others succeed always brings me joy. Nothing is better than watching our patients succeed!

What do you do with your spare time?

In my spare time I spend time with my family and my fur kids. As well as going on hikes and enjoying nature. 

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