Meet Julia

Julia, our Front Desk Assistant, greets everyone with a friendly smile and a helping hand, embodying the welcoming spirit of our team. Deeply passionate about animals, Julia spends much of her time volunteering at local animal shelters, demonstrating her commitment to animal welfare and her compassionate nature.

An enthusiastic lover of the outdoors, Julia relishes any opportunity to 

go camping and hiking, embracing the peace and beauty of nature. Her adventures don’t stop at the trails; she is also known for her spontaneous weekend getaways that satisfy her love for travel and exploration.

At heart, Julia is a voracious reader who enjoys diving into a good book, which complements her reflective and thoughtful personality. Her strong faith is central to her life, guiding her actions and interactions with heartfelt devotion and love for the Lord.

Family is paramount to Julia, and she cherishes the time spent with loved ones, drawing strength and joy from these vital relationships. Whether she’s exploring new places, curling up with a new book, or assisting guests at the front desk, Julia’s genuine passion for life and her dedication to service make her an invaluable part of our community.

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