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Kim is a devoted Therapy Assistant whose career in health and wellness blossomed from her enriching experience as a stay-at-home mom to three wonderful children, two of whom have followed their calling into ministry. She is a proud Nana, with a granddaughter who lights up her Sundays at church and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of two grandsons later this year.

For Kim, faith and family are at the heart of everything she does. She treasures her time spent in worship and finds joy in singing and dancing. Her infectious smile and laughter are a testament to her belief in the healing power of positivity.

Professionally, Kim is passionate about helping others achieve wellness and balance. Her downtime is often spent with her oldest son and his family, or soaking in the peaceful ambiance at her mom’s camp in Indiana. Whether it’s engaging in game nights, dining out with friends, playing guitar, or singing old gospel songs with her dad, Kim finds these moments rejuvenating and essential to her work as a Therapy Assistant.

Kim brings a personal and nurturing touch to her role, supporting clients on their journey towards better health and happiness with empathy and expertise.

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