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Meet May Lezotte, the heartbeat of our office and a dedicated professional with a passion for excellence. May is a proud wife and mother of two beautiful children, cherishing the joy and fulfillment they bring to her life every day.

Hailing from the Franklin area, May’s roots are firmly planted in a community she holds dear to her heart. In her formative years, she was an active participant in competitive cheer and dance, honing her skills¬†

and fostering a spirit of teamwork and discipline that she brings into her professional life today.

Away from the desk, May finds joy in the great outdoors. Whether it’s hitting the golf course or breaking a sweat at the gym, she embraces an active and healthy lifestyle, setting an inspiring example for those around her.

May’s strength isn’t just physical; it’s also deeply rooted in her faith. Her unwavering commitment to her spiritual beliefs is reflected in her role as a youth leader, where she imparts valuable life lessons and guidance to the younger generation. May finds profound fulfillment in serving at her church, demonstrating a selflessness that is truly admirable.

As our Office Manager, May Lezotte seamlessly blends her professional expertise with her personal values, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere within our workplace. Her dedication to her family, community, and faith is a driving force behind her exceptional work ethic and commitment to excellence. We are grateful to have May on our team, bringing not only her organizational prowess but also her warm spirit and genuine passion for making a difference in the lives of those around her.

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